Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 26: Slow and Steady

Here is a simple balloon snail that I've grown fond of. It's not the most complicated snail, but it is quick and has a lot of character. This guy works great if you get asked for "something Spongebob" but you don't have the time to build one of the more complicated characters.

You can find the video for making this snail on my Youtube page, and it is also on the podcast.
You can also view all my videos through  Here is a link to the snail video.
I filmed a couple videos for the podcast today, I need to work on editing them a little.
Look for them to show up soon in your iTunes store if you search for "balloonatic", and they will also be on the youtube page.
Once I post them I will also have them here on the blog.

See you tomorrow.

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