Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 19: I know I'm late again.

Many of you may not be aware of the horrible service that Time Warner Cable delivers to it's customers.
It is not uncommon for my internet to go down for hours or days at a time for no reason at all, and when I call customer service to complain the only advise the can offer is that I should restart my router.

I apologize that I am a couple days behind. I have not had working internet at my house. My TV was working fine, and that is all part of the same package, so It seems that TWC is simply unable to provide the services that I pay them for.

Today I am posting from Campus, since it is the only place I can seem to get reliable internet.

Anyway... enough griping about stuff I can't change.

Here is a simply butterfly I made for a nice family last night at a kids night.

I usually like to squeeze the wings into shape to make them more butterfly like, but I forgot for this one.

See you in a couple min, because I'm doing 3 updates in a row today.

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