Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 2: Who let this guy have a Youtube page?

I almost missed out on posting on my second day... that would not be a good start.
Today I thought I should also bring attention to the fact that there are some videos that I have made to teach some balloon designs.
There are around a dozen or so videos on Youtube at the time of this posting that I have filmed for the masses.
These videos range from the basic twists to how to make a wearable balloon jet-pack.
As a matter of fact, the balloon jet-pack video is the one I used as the test video for launching my podcast.
That's right! Not only has some fool let me post videos on Youtube... Those people over at iTunes are letting me have my own podcast as well.
Here is a link to this now famous Balloon Jet-Pack video...

Also, for those of you that have iTunes and are interested in subscribing to my new podcast... Just do a search in the iTunes store for "Balloonatic" and I will show up under podcasts.

I plan on transferring over the videos that I've put on Youtube, and will begin shooting new content for the podcast.

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