Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 129: Delta Sigma... something...

I don't remember the name of the last Greek symbol I put on the hat... It was a circle with a dash in it.

At an Applebee's last week I came to a table with a gathering of sorority sisters. They were on their way to a local resort for a vacation and decided to stop and grab some dinner.

I was asked to put the symbols of their house on a hat. You can't see the last symbol well because of the curvature of the design, but it turned out quite nice. 

I always like challenges like this, when I'm asked to make something unique and new, because it makes me think on the spot instead of relying on muscle memory to make something I've made a thousand of before.

The Greek lettering are shapes I'm not familiar with, I'm used to spelling out names and things in the standard English alphabet and know how to attach each letter to a design so it works well.
The Greek lettering has all new attachment points, and therefore the frame I need to build to hold them has to be redesigned also.

I think I might approach the Greek organizations on campus about making a few sculptures for them. I will give me a good opportunity to learn their alphabet.

See you tomorrow.