Saturday, March 5, 2011

day 120: That's Some Hat

Here is an example of how things can go horrible wrong if I'm allowed left alone for too long and have to entertain myself.

This gentleman was the boyfriend of one of the servers at the restaurant I was entertaining at.
There was a strange lull on these Family Nights in the middle of my time there when the place was quite dead. It would be busy when I arrived, and packed when I left, but there was always around 20-30 min in the middle when the place was nearly a ghost town.

This poor man walked in on one such evening.

His girlfriend asked me to make her a penguin, he asked for a hat, and then he asked if he could take something to his boss at work... and we decided on a monkey. His hat grew more and more outrageous as time went on, and in the end it was so crazy I had to ask for a picture of it.

See you tomorrow.

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