Tuesday, March 8, 2011

day 124: Those Are Some Crazy Hats!

Last night at Doogan's of Aurora was a night of big and crazy hats.

This lady became a trend setter. She was seated at the entrance to the room she was in, so anyone entering saw her headgear. Before long other tables were pointing at her and saying "I want a hat like she got!"

She was eating it up also, she would visit the other tables and pose for pictures.

This is a prime example of why a twister should have a good variety of hats available to them. When you start making fun hats, you stand out and the other people in the room will start enjoying watching you make the designs. Before you know it, you're making balloons for one table, but you're entertaining the whole restaurant.

See you tomorrow.


  1. lol @ the kid without the hat's face.

  2. I teased the kid without the hat also. I told him he had a great look on his face when I snapped the picture.

  3. I want a hat like that to wear to work.