Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 127: Extra Blood

If any of you also pay attention to my Twitter been over on the side of the page, then you know I donated blood last week.

I'm type 0+ which is the blood type that anyone can take... that means I'm getting called by the Red Cross every 56 days to set up an appointment to give blood.

I've managed to git myself a little peace by giving double sized donations when I go. They have a machine they can hook you up to where they take out a bunch of blood, then pump some plasma into you, then they take out some more blood.

I had been feeling like I was lugging around some extra blood lately, so I was glad to see them on campus.

If you're able to, I do want to encourage you to give blood. It's less than 30 min out of you day, and it's some good karma.

I made them a little balloon guy to put on the front table, and told them I'd be interested in building them something grander next time they are in the area.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Nice creation, especially in light of the situation in Japan

  2. I wish I could donate blood, always wanted to but can't. I recently needed a blood transfusion during an op so thank you mot. Love your blog :D