Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 50: First big milestone.

We've made it 50 days so far. This is great.
To celebrate, I'm making lobster.

This is a fun design to make because it's not something that most people have seen before, and you will usually impress the customer because they assume they are stumping you by asking for a lobster. I came up with my original design for the lobster when a teenager asked me for a lobster wearing sunglasses... He wanted a rock lobster.
The first lobster didn't look as good as this one, but it was nice to have a challenge to work out for myself.
Hope you like it.

It's come to my attention that I should make a request to my readers... in the spirit of the holiday.
If you're in the giving mood, please take a couple minutes to click on a few of the adds on the page and let them stay open for 20 seconds or so. If you could click on something on those add pages that would be great also. I guess I only get credit for adds that have been clicked on.
If you would rather not click on a bunch of adds, then feel free to head over to and watch some of my instructional videos. You can find them by searching for "balloonatic". There will be adds that play that also help me out.
I'm trying to get these sites to the point where they support themselves and I can afford to buy some better equipment to produce higher quality instructional videos.
I appreciate any help you guys give. 
I won't mention the adds again for at least another 50 posts, so don't worry about this being a common thing.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. That's actually a pretty cool milestone. Seems like ages away. And I'll gladly check out your sponsors. It's nice that blogger can remain free to everyone.