Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 44: Shakes fist in anger

I know I've made this complaint before... but My internet provider is killing me.
I've had 2 different techs out to my house to try and fix the problems with the internet dropping several times a day... no luck so far.
The next few posts will be made from my phone.. and I'll do my best to make this all up to you guys.
I'm on holiday break from school for a couple weeks, and I plan on shooting a bunch of new videos.

Today is a random one. I was asked for "a sniper rifle in a hurry" by a grown man last week. He had arrived well before my normal shift began at a restaurant I entertain at, and was leaving as I was beginning. He had heard that I make a variety of firearms and asked for something to impress his kids with.

This isn't the best sniper rifle I make, but it is one that I can make fast.

See you tomorrow.  

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