Monday, February 21, 2011


Is anyone having troubles viewing the posts I'm putting up?
I've had a couple people tell me that the blog isn't loading correctly on a few different types of system.
For my part, if I try to view the blog through my phone the most recent couple days don't load. (I just tried again and the most recent day showing up is day 106)
I tried on my iPod touch and the posts show up, but none of the other stuff like the videos or the archive are visible.
Everything is showing up fine on my laptop...

I've had a couple reports of incomplete loading from some of the readers.
Anyone else having similar problems?


  1. yes, the type is going across the whole screen and under the content and ads info along the right side of the screen so i cannot read all of what u are writing now- started a few posts ago

  2. I'm having the same issues. People are saying that my blog isn't loading up on their RRS feeds which means no one can see when I update.