Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 92: Valentines Day In On The Way

Over the next several days there is a good chance the updates will be images of hearts, bears, flowers... and cows.

I met with a great local photographer and had a series of photos taken to begin the process of making a catalog for orders of special custom balloon deliveries.

My hope is to have a selection posted on my website as well as to give printed out menus to local florists and delivery agencies to try and drum up a little side business making custom sculptures for the upcoming holidays. 

I already do some work with a local singing telegram company delivering flowers or helium filled balloons to sweethearts in love in the Northeast Ohio area, why not add some of my own work to the options people can order?

So, expect some the next several days to be peppered with cute.
Fair warning.

See you tomorrow.


  1. as always, you kick some serious booty... Yeah.. I said booty and meant it.

  2. Is this 6 260s...?

    Is the Bear made of 350s?

  3. Yes.
    The heart is made of 6 braided 260s and the bear is a brown and a white 350 with a black scrap for the nose.