Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 93: She Could Beat Me Up.

I know I said I would have some valentines delivery stuff up on the blog, but things are still getting edited for perfection so I'm pulling from the other images today.

Here is the matriarch of my favorite regular family, she is super tough. She's so tough that she competes with other tough chicks.

She is also tough on me. She more than any other person I've made balloons for makes me really think about what I'm building. I have to be aware of what I make when she's around, because she won't hesitate to let me know if I did something wrong.

This has resulted in me stepping up my game and improving my designs. The blog is an extension of that mind set. I've already seen an improvement in my work and I'm not even past day 100 yet.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Epic lol. You should try and make the pokemon Bellsprout.

  2. Awesome! you are so talented!

  3. Yes... She is known as Redhead Law by some people.
    DO you know her?

  4. LMAO at readheadedlaw

  5. wait!
    Is this another person that knows her?
    How does everybody know her? Is she way famous and I didn't know it?

  6. Hello Mot! I know her obviously. Are you gonna put up the minnie or creepy alien pics? -Ellie

  7. I hopt this is ok to link here (if not my apologies): She has an incredible build! I didn't even know abs could look that good!