Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 103: Octopus Of Love

Last night was Valentines Day. It was also one of my Kids Nights, so I had plenty of opportunity to practice my hearts, flowers, and teddy bears.

Todays picture was sent to me by the mother of the boy standing with me. They were new to my Kids Night, and hadn't known I was going to be there.

The boy had a "Happy Valentines Day" balloon he had gotten at school with him, and wanted to know if I could use it in the balloon I made for him.

When I suggested an octopus he grew quite excited. 

So I present to you dear readers, a new holiday mascot.
The Valentopus... (perhaps the name needs work.)

See you tomorrow.


  1. The Valentarian Octopussy
    Well done, it looks nice!

  2. Because nothing says I love you like tentacles :D