Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 94: Super Bowl!

Every other blog in my reading list has a similar title today.

I had mentioned that there would be some designs showing up that would be suitable for the upcoming Valentines Day.

The next few days will be some examples from the options I offer as special deliveries. These are available for local hand delivery, or can be shipped anywhere in the country.

I'm going to go watch a football game now. 

See you tomorrow.


  1. Sweet balloon god! Each rose is separate!? That's so cool!

  2. that's mad.
    Also, make a Green Bay Packers Balloon Helmet
    vikings is also allowed but no Steelers :D

  3. That's really awesome. I agree with the Packers helmet suggestion!

  4. Watching it right now. Packers be doin pretty nicely.