Friday, February 11, 2011

New Website

Seeing as tomorrow is day 100 for the blog. I thought I'd spend a little time updating the website with some of the new pictures and changing up the text a little.

I'm still very new at web design stuff and I've been teaching myself each step as I go. I am still trying to get colors and images to be just how I want them.

Give it a look and let me know what you think.


  1. Your site looks great! I love that you have so many different party packages which is brilliant and very attractive to the client. I love that you have tab called mot sightings since it makes you sound famous, another briliant move and the faq's section is great. I do think that a different background color than white would add pizazz. The site is very professional- nicely done!

  2. Needs polishing for sure, but good attempt

  3. I'm limited by what I can do within Godaddy's templates.
    I don't know how to do things with metadata or HTML, so I'm still working my way through that.
    I'm sure if I were more knowledgeable about web programming I'd be off to a better start.