Thursday, January 13, 2011

Google Image Experiment

Back on day 62 I had asked for some help or information about trying to get some of my pictures to show up closer to the front page of Google Images.

The pictures were of the balloon character I made of Brian Brushwood. I had asked if anyone knew of ways to get the images of the balloon to show up higher on the image search. The goal I'm aiming for is to have the picture of "Balloon Brian" show up when he googles himself.

I checked at one point a few days ago and the balloons were showing up around page 3 of a Google Image search when all I typed in was "Brian Brushwood". If I do a search for "Balloon Brian Brushwood" then the pictures are right there at the top.

Is there anything I can to to help make the images show up higher on the search?

Thanks for any help that you guys can give me.

Tomorrows balloon is going to be something extra awesome.


  1. Something extra awesome? I can't imagine what that'll be...that is the most awesome balloon character I've seen!

  2. Ok, now I need to reveal that I'm not all that knowledgeable when it comes to this sort of thing.

    What is a back link?

  3. wow, you're extremely talented with those ballons. I'm an aspiring clown and I truly look up to your balloon skills. I would some day like to create a replica of the empire state building out of balloons! Great blog by the way. Keep up the great updates! I'll be back soon!