Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 87: Happy To Take Your Order

One of the most common things I'll do at a restaurant if they don't have a theme to the restaurant or it's not a special day, then I make a balloon server.

I do my best to recreate the uniform of the servers if there is one, and place it up near the host stand. I will then usually have the balloon server either in a fun pose, or holding up a carry out menu.

I do this for two reasons. 

1. Guests coming in while I'm there will see the balloon guy and usually look around and see me there. They are now aware I'm there and make the approach to their table that much easier.

2. The balloon will remain at that host stand for at least a couple days. (In most cases the manager doesn't take them down and I will arrive the next week to see a slightly deflated balloon server still smiling at the entering guests.) The fact that the balloon stays there means that for the rest of the week people coming in will see it at perhaps ask about it. This is a perfect opportunity  for the people working on the nights I'm not there to mention the fact that I'm there on a specific night and that they should come back to see me. The balloon serves as an example of my skill and will hopefully impress the guest enough that they want to come back on Kids Night.

See you tomorrow.