Monday, January 17, 2011

day 74: Who's in the kitchen?

While at one of the restaurant I was entertaining at over the weekend, I walked into the back of the place and found a breakfast buffet. This guy was very excited to see me walk in... I guess the kids I'd been making balloons for had been walking through, and he was wondering where the balloons were coming from.

He asked if I could make him a chefs hat... which is something I have to admit I've never been asked for before.
This was a quick and kind of sloppy modification of my kings crown. All white of course, instead of all the normal royal colors.


  1. Sounds interesting, did he like the chef's hat?

  2. Holy crap, I didn't even notice the hat was made out of balloons for a good ten seconds or so. Man, you are something else!

  3. That's a cool hat!

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