Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 62: Brushwood

Here is a special character I did. When testing how well balloons survived being shipped I made a likeness of Brian Brushwood (An amazingly bizarre entertainer, and rising star of the podcast world) and mailed it to him so he could let me know what it looked like after it arrived.
Sadly, he was on the road when it did arrive so his invisible wife snapped some pictures and sent them to me.
I think her iPhone took better pictures than the one I took on my old crappy phone I had then.

Here is what Brian looks like, if you aren't familiar with his work.

Here is the shot I took of Balloon Brian holding his sidekick Mr. Happy Pants.

Here are the shots The Invisible Wife sent me.

I think that the lil' guy survived the trip just fine, and it was good to do a little experiment before I began shipping balloons out to people.

I think that I may begin a little project where I'll contact celebraties and get send them balloon versions of themselves to see if they will take a picture with the balloon and sent it to me.
That could be a fun little collection to start.

If any of you happen to know any famous people, let me know.

Also, if anyone knows how to make an image more likely to show up in a google image search, I'd love to know. I think it would be great if Brian went to google himself and a balloon the balloon Brian showed up.

See you tomorrow.


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  3. Haha, that's pretty cool! It must be pretty hard to come up with these designs.

  4. That balloon looks sick man, props, i dont even know how you ... haha

  5. Oo.. IT'S AMAZING !! IT's amazing what can you do with balloons :D

  6. At first i thought it was Homer Simpson lol

  7. oh my gosh! you are so incredibly talented!

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