Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 82: Where Is Blue?

Here is an example of experimenting with different shapes for common designs. 

This is a blue version of an intermediate dog design. It's not the most fancy dog... you certainly can't claim that it is any particular breed, but I think it looks better than the standard 1 balloon pooch.

I've been trying to change up old designs as I'm making them so I have content for the blog, so with this one I started the twisting at one of the legs instead of the head so the dog would have separated front paws instead of the standard bound together legs.

As a result, the dog now stands on it's own and takes a pose that I will be using when making bulldogs and the like. 

See that? I tried something new on the fly and it turned out to show me something I'll be using in the future. It's almost like this idea about the blog helping me improve wasn't some crazy idea after all.

See you tomorrow.