Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 75: Stick em' up!

Today will finish off this short round of advanced weapon designs. This boy asked me for a taser gun...; at frst I thought he had said "lazer gun" but he quickly corrected me.

I did a quick google image search on my phone, because I luckily had no idea what a taser looked like, and he pointed out this picture.

I got to work, and I think that the final result turned out alright. The important thing is that the kid liked it.

See you tomorrow.

(I'm testing to see if I can have any say over the content in my ads that show up on the sight. My thinking is that if I can steer them towards stuff that people that are reading this blog may be interested in then they may be more inclined to click on the ads. At the very least I would like to try to get some ads showing up for items I'd be interested in buying... so here it goes.

Audible.com is a wonderful resource for anyone who is a fan of audio books. I do a lot of driving, and listening to a good audio book is how I keep myself sane on those afternoons where the shows are far apart and I'm spending more time driving than entertaining.)

Lets see if that works.


  1. Taser guns and kids.... AWESOME IDEA.

  2. Looking forward to seeing some more awesome balloons. Followed.


  3. It really looks like a children toy...

  4. It might just give static shocks!


  5. I can already hear the PewPewPew sounds.

  6. it's not really a gun in the usual sense... it's more of a freaky electrocuting stabber launcher

  7. Why is this post getting so many page views?
    This page has been viewed hundreds of times more than the next highest post.
    Is this getting linked to something that I'm not seeing?