Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 319 - 322: School Is Killing Me Already

School got really busy over the last week, so I had to let other things slide.
This is me making that up.

Day 319: Applebee's
I had a little down time at a Kid's Night at a local Applebee's, so I thought I'd put something up front. I hadn't tried making and apple out of a 640 yet, so I thought I'd see how it looked.

Day 320: Catapult 
When asked for medieval things, it's usually things like swords or bows, not siege weapons. This was a first attempt at a catapult. It did work a bit, it launched a balled up napkin a couple feet. I need to spend a little time looking at the design and trying to figure out how to increase the tension.

Day 321: Ribbit
There have been a few different versions of the frog on this blog. It's something that I've gotten a lot of requests for over the last year, so I want to make something that I'm happy to hand out, and that is my own unique design. Since this picture was taken I've changed the back legs a bit, so it's still a work in progress.

Day 322: Royal Beating
This was a fancy princess wand I made for a birthday girl... that could be used as a weapon. Her brother was getting a gun, which means he was going to be shooting his sister all day. I wanted to give her a way to defend herself, and even fight back if needed.
This should be able to give a good bopping.

See you tomorrow.


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