Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 323-326: Stuff

Day 323: I had set up at my hair cutting place a few weeks back, and had fun making balloons for the customers that came in.

I made a few display pieces while I was there also.
Here is a balloon stylist that I made, trying to draw peoples attention to the sales that were going on.
I tried to make a mini hair dryer for him to hold.

Day 324: Duck Bracelet
This lady here has been on a balloon bracelet kick it seems.
This week she asked if I could make a duck bracelet.
I wonder what she'll ask for next week.

Day 325: Foofa
I didn't know what the heck a foofa was, so this girls dad had to show me on his phone.
I think I did a good job making a balloon version of this Yo Gabba Gabba character.

Day 326: Sitting Leprechaun
I've made a lot of different leprechauns on this blog, two of my weekly restaurants are Irish themed. Here is a design I worked up that has the lil' guy sitting on the counter.

See you tomorrow.

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