Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 201-207: I Hate Time Warner Cable

I know I've complained about this before.. and I'm sure I'll complain about it again... Time Warner has been screwing me for over a year now. I promise to get all caught up over the next few days.. in between the internet dropping randomly while I try to do my work.

Here is a big chunk of the updates I owe you.

Day 201: Cactapus
I'm not sure I spelled that correctly... but I really can't spell check Cactapus.

When I was asked for "A cactus with tentacles" I had to ask what the origin of such a creature could be.

When I asked what a Cactapus was, the answer wasn't much help... she replied "My Sister!"


Day 202: Narwhal

You may have noticed that the young lady in the black top has appeared in both images... Let me introduce you to the real Cactapus.

At least, this is the sister that was pointed at when I asked what a Cactapus was.

The Cactapus asked for a Narwhal... and frankly, I couldn't pass up the chance to make one.

Day 203: Paradise

I have to apologize for the quality of the balloons in this picture, they were already beginning to shrivel a bit by the time the picture was taken. I made this to be a special decoration for my Monday night Kid's Night... but they closed for Memorial Day. I didn't know they were closed though, so I drove 50 min to the restaurant, learned it was closed, and took nearly an hour to get home.  Today was really hot, so the balloons didn't survive the trip very well.

I liked my guy sitting in a hammock between two palm trees, so I wanted to show you guys.

Day 204: Orbit
My wife got some free tickets to out local minor league baseball teams game last week. I decided to make another crazy hat to try and get up on the Jumbotron.

I succeeded.. but wasn't able to get my phone out in time to grab a picture of my giant smiling head.

I was able to get my picture taken with the teams mascot, which is who I had popping 
popping out of the top of the hat.

His name is Orbit, and he's a space cat.
Some might say he's the greatest space cat... but I have to imagine that's a short list.

The game was a great time though, and I may be heading to the stadium every once in a while to make balloons for the fans.

Day 205: Penguin- Before and After

I was cleaning my office this week, organizing things that were well past due to be taken care of... and I found something funny.

This is what my balloon penguin looks like when it's handed out.

This is what a penguin looks like when it is left alone on top of a tall book shelf that I apparently never look at.

I don't know how old this guy is... at least 6 months. He may even be the penguin I made in the instructional video I made for youtube and iTunes last June... which would mean he's almost a year old.

This kind of makes me want to perform an experiment on the process and rate at which balloon animals deflate.

Day 206: Purple Platypus

Can you believe that I don't often get asked for the purple platypus?
I admit it's not a common design I have requested.

I think that this one looks a bit like a duck crossed with a seal... but I also have no idea what a platypus looks like, and should probably Google it and work on a design.

Day 207: Fresno Fishes

My favorite regular asked me to help her with a school project this week. 
She is doing a project for an entrepreneur class where the kids are in charge of fantasy baseball teams.

Their team is the Fresno Fishes... I might even get a copy of their logo to put up next to this for comparison.

I'm always happy to help someone earn a better grade.

That is all I've got for now. The internet dropped several times while I was working on this update.
I'm going to be giving Time Warner a piece of my mind in person tomorrow... I'm sure it won't do much good, but it might make me feel better.

I'll spend time making some sculptures just for you guys so I can get back to the right number of days.

See you tomorrow.


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