Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 180: Creepy Face

Super creepy, right?

I was goofing around at the end of the night at one of my Kid's Nights and decided I wanted to try to scale down the really detailed face design.

I like this design because you can recreate very close versions of people is you know the tricks to get the different shapes out of the balloons. It's much easier when using the larger balloons like the 640's and 350's... much harder when it's 260's and 160's.  The design is still clearly a face, and it's very detailed.... it's just rather creepy.

I know the shape of the eyes is a big part of the creepy factor, and that can be changed easily enough. I decided to embrace the creepy though and make it a large headed little guy on a tiny body.

Here is the bartender at the restaurant... I made an attempt to make this guy into a creepy little leprechaun since that is the mascot of the restaurant... I think all he needed was a little hat and it would have been perfect.  I'll likely be making more versions of this character as Halloween decorations.

He just needs the murderous look in his eye because someone has taken his pot o' gold.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Those are great lol!
    Now make me an Osama one :D

  2. You should make the eyes bigger on one and smaller on the other either balloon size or drawn on. Makes him look like twitching or crazy :)