Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 187-194: Mega Update!

Day 187: One of these things is not like the other

Sometimes it's fun to leave balloons in the real world and see how people respond to them.
I was doing a show at a Farming Co-op's employee appreciation day and I had some of the kids hide balloon props in the store.
It was fun later on to see customers shopping around come across the balloon props. 

Day 188: A Bunch Of Heads

I'm kicking myself that this is the only picture I took of the big project I had on Sunday. I built 26 centerpieces for my local magic clubs magic banquet... and was so tired and in a hurry at the end that I forgot to take a single picture.
The only picture I took was when I was about half way done with building the individual parts.

Day 189: It's a bird.. a plane... a balloon?

This guy here did something super of his own. He set the record for running... I think it was a quarter mile. The way I heard it he was half a lap ahead of all the other racers when he crossed the finish line.
He asked me for a superman balloon, and I was happy to make it for him.

Day 190: Minion

I had a Despicable Me themed party that I wanted to make some minions for as decorations. I'm very happy with how these guys turned out. Here is my favorite one. The designs were all basically the same, I just made some taller or shorter... or different types of eyes or goggles.

Day 191: Hot Air Balloon

Last Monday was a beautiful day... The first really nice day we've had here in Ohio.

I showed up at my Monday Kids night in a great mood and was excited to see a big helium tank behind the counter. I had made a great hot air balloon sculpture a year or so ago... but didn't get a picture of it before I gave it to the client. I wanted to make another.
I asked the manager if I could use some of the helium for the sculpture.. and was bummed to hear that the tank was empty.

This is not the balloon I wanted to make, the design would have had a very different shape because you can't get as much twisting out of balloons filled with helium. I still had it in my head that i wanted to make a hot air balloon though, so I gave it a try.
I especially like the little balloon guy waving from the basket.

Day 192: Dolphin Hat

At a drizzly outdoor event, I was asked for an orange dolphin hat.

I usually try not to make the dolphin hat in lines... it takes a while to make, and once I make one I end up having to make several more. The weather was keeping my line manageable though, so I said yes.

Day 193: Balloon Family

There have been bits and pieces of these balloon people posted on the blog before, but here is the whole balloon family all together. This was one of the most fun builds I've had this year, and I was happy to do it for my favorite family of regulars.

Day 194: Balloon Princess

Here is an example of the medium sized balloon princess. I make one about a foot shorter, and once that is a little over 5 feet tall. This was part of the balloon family order I had. I lost the original pictures of these balloons and had to go digging around to find them again to post them here on the blog.

And that has me all caught up again. I wanted to get this all up before the article about me and my balloon antics ran in the Akron Beacon Journal.

See you tomorrow.


  1. I like the minion!
    I've made the minion a few times now, everybody loves it!
    I learned it another way, but the same general idea.