Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 181: Toucan... and A NEW CONTEST!

A few weeks back I made a post about how my latest minion was a big fan of his balloon toucan design.
I was asked to show my own toucan design... and I finally had the time to make one at one of my restaurants.

I decided to make a little scene with this one, building a branch for the toucan to perch on. The restaurant I built it at is called Doogan's, it's a family Irish pub sort of a place. One of their slogans is "How you Doogan?" so I thought I'd make a little word bubble for the toucan to speak.

This is a smaller version of the toucan, I made it out of 260's instead of the 350's I usually use. Now that I see the size of everything, I don't think it would have looked too big for the branch like I had worried. I'll make it a bit bigger next time.

An anonymous commenter made a suggestion that I like quite a bit, so I'm going to try out having a weekly contest.

I'm going to call it "Balloon Of The Week" for now... (until I think up a name with a pun or something)
Those of you that are readers and also happen to be balloon twisters, I want you to send me designs you've been working on, or pictures of balloons you're really proud of making. 
If you don't want to send in your own stuff, then please point me in the direction of other twisters you'd like me to showcase. I'll pick one design or twister each Friday and make a post about them. If I can I'll try to contact them ahead of time to get a quote or comment. I will only post images of designs that are sent in from the person that made it. I want to make sure that people are getting the credit for their work.
If the designer wants, and provides me with the information, I'll happily include a link to their website, twitter, facebook, or whatever. Hopefully I can help to drive some traffic to you guys. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the submissions.

See you tomorrow.

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