Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 166-175: Catching up with finals.

I know I've been having to do a lot more of these catching up posts than I'd like to... but I am keeping myself honest and not letting myself skip a day. Finals week is next week and I've been swamped with taking care off all the final projects and still managing my busy entertaining schedule.

A photographer will be stopping by my Kids Night tonight from the local big city paper to take some pictures of me for an article they are writing about my balloon escapades. The focus of the article will be on a balloon dress I'm making this weekend for a charity fashion show... but there will also be bits about the various other types of entertainment I do. I even drove into the big city yesterday to shoot some film segments for their website that should be up after the weekend. I'll link to them once I've been told where they have placed them on the internet. The videos were just some simple instructional pieces about basic balloon shapes and a few more advanced ones.

Now on to getting caught up with the daily posts.

Day 166: Red Cross Display

A month or so ago I posted a picture of a lil' balloon guy I mad for the red cross when I was giving blood. 

I left my card with them and asked them to contact me when they were coming back to campus so I could put together something larger for them. I wanted to try to draw a little more attention to the blood drive in hopes that perhaps a few more people might help out and give some blood.

I made a couple more balloon blood drive workers, and a balloon red cross.

Day 167: Thar She Blows!

I'me working on my sea creatures these days. I've been getting more than the usual number of requests for underwater designs... so I've been working on fixing them up.

I don't know why it never occurred to me before to use 350's for the whale... I was still using 260's... but I think this creates a much more whale like shape... it's not perfect yet, but it's getting there.

Day 168: Monkey Riding A Horse

This family has showed up to a few of my weekly Kids Nights, and I was sad to have to turn down their request one evening. The place was very busy, and I was trying to take care of all the tables before my time was up and I had to head to another event. This girl asked me for a monkey riding on a horse... and I had to say no.

I hate having to say no.

Luckily, a couple weeks later they came back and I was able to make her request. I was glad I could do it for them.

Day 169: Some Might Call Her A Diva...

This girl introduced herself to me while using that phrase... 

She asked me for a huge balloon frog with a long purple tongue.

I hope that this diva was pleased with my work... I would hate to incur her wrath.

Day 170: Vroom Vroom!
This girl here came a very long way to get some balloons from me. This is how far my legend and majesty has spread.

Here she is holding a quick version of a balloon race car. The hardest part of this design is the wheels. They aren't event that difficult to make... just annoying. I may be doing something wrong, but it always hurts my fingers to make them.

I'm probably doing it wrong.

Day 171: Flipperbill...

Here is another example of a balloon someone made to show me. 
I was entertaining at a party and these two girls decided to put their heads together to try and make me a balloon. The result was named the Flipperbill and I think it was supposed to be some sort of bird... I think.

They did a great job for a first attempt. Who knows, in 10 years they might be the next big names in the balloon industry.

Day 172:  Dog Head

Here is that girl again... She traveled over 8 hours to get these balloons.  Why don't I see this kind of dedication from more of my fans?

She asked me to make a balloon version of her dog, and was nice enough to provide me with a picture for reference and everything.

At the end she mentioned that all that was missing what a big red tongue hanging out.  I killed a red 646 balloon and the dog was complete.

Day 173: Easter!
What Easter post could be complete without having a bunny bringing candy?

I made a heck of a lot of different types and sizes of bunnies this year during the Easter season. 

This one even comes with his own sugar supply.

Day 174:  Hare Cut
I've been getting my picture in the paper a lot lately, so I figured I was well overdue for a haircut.

Just like the post I made about when I left  a balloon monkey last time I got my hair cut, I thought I should leave the girls an Easter Bunny this time.

He even wants to tell you about the great deals they are offering.

Day 175:  Don't Sit On It!

I got a new request last week, I was asked to build a balloon rocking chair.

Now that I'm looking at the final product, I see all kinds of things I should have done to make it look better or more decorative...perhaps I will be better prepared when next I'm asked to build balloon furniture.

It was a good learning experience.

Alright! I'm back to today again.  I'm off to my Wednesday Kids Night at Donato's. There will be a photographer there tonight taking pictures for the article... I'm hoping to have a filled restaurant.

See you tomorrow.


  1. omg that is me!!! i still have him
    i love that thing!! it is so cool !!!! your really good at making balloons mat. i had the monkey riding the horse
    that is me and my dad

  2. Thanks For Calling Me A Diva.... Mot :|. Poopie Head

  3. I didn't call you a Diva, you did.
    I simply repeated it.