Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 164: That Freaking Toucan

I've mentioned before that my current balloon student is fond of his toucan balloon. Whenever people approach us while I'm teaching him something and ask if they can get a balloon made he always jumps up and offerers to make them a toucan.

I've grown to hate this toucan.

He's proud of it though, and despite the fact that I've shown him a much better version that is 4 colors and has a lot more detail and character... he returns to this large beaked menace.

I told him I'd put a picture up of him with it so he could show it off to the world.

Please don't encourage him.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Can I have a toucan please? :)

  2. If he can, I can; I want a toucan! :D hehe His is cute, I'd like to see yours!

  3. Haha Sonia! Smart*** aussies ask for the toucan :) - Liddleone