Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 146-153: Catching up again.

Sorry again for being late guys. I was very sick of the last couple weeks. A sinus infection and stomach bug put me out of commission for the last 10 days or so.

I hate to be so far behind, and I hate that I missed day 150.

Here is me playing catch up again.

Day 146: Pitchfork.

This girl was very excited to get her pitchfork. She walked around brandishing it menacingly for a while after receiving it.

Day 147: Nunchucks

I had a Ninja themed birthday party where I was expecting to be asked for all kinds of crazy weapons... I wasn't. I made a dozen swords, nothing fancy.
I even brushed up on my weapons to make sure I was ready.
Nobody asked for Nunchucks, so I made a pair during a training session with my new student and got a passerby to pose with it.

Day 148: Sumo

I have to confess that the sumo design is not my own. I saw an image of a balloon sumo wrestler somewhere in the last couple months, and I filed it away in the back of my head as something to try later. I'd have to track down the original version to see how close I got, but I got a kick out of making it.

Day 149: Whirleybird

Spell check insists that "whirleybird" is not a word. You don't know what you're talking about spell check.

I find that every time I may a helicopter it's very different from the one before. I guess it's just that the design is something that is in flux and once I find the version I'm happiest with, I'll stick with it.

Day 159: 100 flowers
Ever wonder what 100 balloon flowers looks like? Here are the petal portions of them.

I was entertaining at a local Girl Scouts dance party where I was told to expect 100+ girls that would all want balloons. I planned ahead and made as many as I could before I got there to save time.

 Here are the flowers after I had put basic stems on them and packed them in my balloon transport case.  This case was one of the best purchases I made last year, it's helped me get my larger scale decorations and display pieces around much easier.

Day 151: He is the Walrus

In an effort to get some pictures for the blog so I could get back on track, while having a training session with my new student today I made requests for passersby as well.

One twisty hat and one walrus later I've got another picture for the blog.

I think I need to work on the walrus though... it's not quite there yet.

 Day 151: Panara sculpture order

I was commissioned to make a large balloon coffee mug for a local Panara Bread grand opening.

I was not however allowed to make it any way I wanted. A company in Florida had made a mug in the fashion these pictures show that Panara corporate fell in love with. I was asked to replicate it for this opening.

Here are a few pictures I snapped curring the build process.

 Hey! Look! I'm using my balloon transport case!

That thing sure is handy.
Here is the final piece once it was set up at the new location.

I tried to add my own touch by making it look like steam was coming out of the top of the mug.

I sort of wish I would have just left it alone now.

Day 152: A Different Mug.

Here is a quick mock up I threw together to give the people from Panara and idea of what I would have liked to build them instead.

The scale is a little off, but it was more to illustrate the point that if I made a weaved mug is would look more mug like than the balloon cluster column.

They said they had several more grand opening scheduled for my region this year, and they would like to use me... we'll see which design they got with.

Day 153: Easter Brunch

Here's my bunny again. The lil' guy always seems to evolve a bit each year around this time as I get more and more requests for an Easter Bunny.

I'm curious to see how he'll look by the end of the month.

Alright. All caught up again.

See you tomorrow.


  1. oh man, you are so talented. loved the bunny and nunchuck picture :D

  2. Those are cute. You really know what you are doing with those balloons. I like them alot.
    But that pitchfork to me looks like the girl is trying to balance a stool on a wooden pole or something. I'm not making fun or anything.
    Awesome balloons.