Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 285-289: Salon Week

I spent a lot of time at a local Master Cuts this week.
This was Customer Appreciation week, and we wanted to try out having me there to see how the kids liked it.
It went well. The environment was one where I wasn't rushed, so I could make more advanced designs for the customers.

A lot of the pictures from this session of playing catch up will be from the Master Cuts.
The reason I'm behind is that I got a new laptop.
My old laptop is functioning, but the battery died and the place where you plug the power cord in broke as well.
Not something I can use on campus.

Anyway, here are the updates.

Day 285: Chief Wahoo

I don't know if it's baseball season right now... I don't follow sports.
One of the girls at Master Cuts asked me to make something Cleveland Indians related for her boyfriend.
These giant mascot heads are something I build when I go to a game, so I can get on the JumboTron.

Day 286: Sea Turtle
This girl came in to get her hair done before school starts up again.

When she saw I was making balloons for the kids, she jumped in line.

She knew she wanted a turtle, I don't think she was prepared for what she got.

Day 287: Rubber Ducky

This photo is kind of fun... the girl looks like she's tiny.
She was on the small side to begin with, but when she put on the oversize rubber ducky balloon and I took the picture from a downward angle... it looked like she'd been shrunk.

Here is a picture of the balloon from a better angle.

Day 288: Balloon Greetings

I made this balloon person to try and catch people's eye as they walked past. I hoped it would help bring in more customers.
The girls told me that they had to chase down people more than once because they kept trying to steal it.

Day 289: Balloon Pacifier

I usually try not to make balloons for kids under a certain age.
When a parent insists that they will be careful and keep an eye on them, I still make a point of mentioning that they are choking hazards and they need to be extra careful.

This little guy was throwing a fit, but a balloon pacifier calmed him down.
I really hope they never let him put it in his mouth.

See you tomorrow.

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