Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 274-280: I've got internet again!

I know many of you are probably tired of me making this complaint... but I can't freaking stand Time Warner Cable.
I didn't have Internet for a week, and it was all their fault.
Not even in the normal way where they mess something up and my service suffers for it because for forcing bandwidth caps on my area... "Unlimited Internet" my butt.
TWC had techs out taking care of my neighbors cable, because they were experiencing service problems... and while they were messing around with the big box at the street, they somehow unplugged me.
I called several times, and they kept telling me that my loss of internet was connected to another larger problem they were having and it would be fixed soon... couldn't give me a ballpark... just soon.
5 day went by, and still not internet, so I call to complain some more.
They send out a tech.
The tech is here for all of 5 min before she goes out to the big box by the street to see if the problem is there.
The problem was there.
She plugged my cable back in and almost immediately everything was up and running.

I'm now ready to resume making these silly balloon posts.

Day 274: Big Iron Man
Here is a jumbo sized Iron Man I did for a birthday party last week. It is made almost entirely from 650's. I had planned to draw on the face once it was done, but I'm not confident enough in my drawing skills to not mess that up.
The birthday boy had a lot of fun running around with this balloon pretending that he was inside the Iron Man suit and shooting people.

Day 275: Tiny Parrot
I have had a series of tiny animal requests lately, so I thought I'd put them all together in this post. Here is the first one I tried to shrink down, and tried to make it so that the parrot could ride on a finger.
All the tiny animals were made from only 160's

Day 276: Tiny Elephant
Just like with the bird above, this elephant has been shrunk down.
I think that the basic design for the elephant turned out just fine when made mini.

Day 277: Diminished Dolphin
The dolphin was one I wasn't sure would shrink down correctly, I used more balloons that I expected to... I now know how the proportions needed to be adjusted, and can do it more efficiently next time.

Day 278: Little Whale
Since I was able to pull off the dolphin, I was confident that the whale wouldn't present too much of a challenge. Turns out I was correct. I even made it out of a lot less balloons, so I wasn't too wasteful in this build.

Day 279: Baby Penguin

The same girl that requested the whale is the one that started off this while tiny trend the week before with a desire to have a baby penguin.

Day 280: Owl
I made an own for a woman that needed it for something having to do with the scout troop she was associated with. She explained it to me, but I can't seem to remember the particulars now. This was a design I did on the fly (Pun intended. puns are always intended) since I couldn't remember what my old owl looked like. This one is much better than the old design.

And with that, I'm caught up once again.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. and i(m complaining about download limit... welcome back man!