Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 281: Go Browns!

I did a charity event over the weekend that was designed to raise money to help students injured in school football accidents. It was a pretty cool event, lots of scrimmage games, a cheer leading clinic, and a bunch of other organizations showing their support.

When I had time off and on throughout the day, I worked on this football player. I wouldn't get more than a couple min at a time before my line would start up again, so this guy took me over 3 hours to complete.

I was going to offer him up to the people in charge of the raffle, but because it was so hot that day, and it had taken me so long to make... the football player was rather wilted.

Instead, I gave it to this little boy here. He was the past person in my line before I had to shut down and head to my next booking.

See you tomorrow.

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