Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 231-245: New Phone!

I think this is the longest time I've had to make up for missing. A busy schedule followed by my phone breaking put me out of commission on this blog for a couple weeks. 

I'm back now!
My phone has been replaced, the pictures were recovered and returned to me, and I'm about to share them with you.

I'm going to post them all with descriptions, and we'll count it as all caught up. There will be 15 different designs... I'm 15 days late... Lets try to fix this.

Day 231: 4th of July Dress

First is a dress I made for a 4th of July parade I was a part of. Sadly, my phone was beginning to act up at this point, and I wasn't able to snap a picture till later in the day. At this point the dress had been in the heat and sun for a while... and had shriveled a bit. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it when it was in better shape.

Next is a selection of balloon hats I made for a show I did out of state. This is part of my balloon show package, I have kids help me tell stories like The 3 Little Pigs, The Tortoise and The Hare... classic stories... ones with morals and messages.

Day 232: Balloon Cat Hat

I know it needs a little work... I need to do something with the ears.  

Day 233: Balloon Dog Hat

I think this one is close to done. It might still need a little tweaking.

Day 234: Balloon Mosquito Hat

This one is shaping up nicely also... perhaps just a little more work on the face.

Day 235: Balloon Frog Hat

This is a much simpler version of my frog hat. I'm working on changing up the design, and that requires starting it over from scratch.

Day 236: Balloon Mouse Hat

This one is near it's final stage also. I think I just need to make the face itself a little bigger.

Day 237: Balloon Pig Hat

I'm still not 100% happy with my pig... in any of it's forms. I need to spend some time looking at pigs or something and try to think of a better way to make them.

Day 238: Balloon Wolf Hat 

The wolf's ears also need a little work I think, and perhaps I need to change the shape of the mouth.

Day 239: Balloon Scorpion Hat

This is a new attempt at the scorpion hat... I have been using a different design for years, and tried something new for this show.

Day 240: Balloon Duck Hat

This is one of those times when a very simple design seems to capture all that I think is needed for the shape to be recognizable. I don't know what I could add to make this look more like a duck.

Day 241: Balloon Elephant Hat

I tried a new design for my elephant hat for this show also. I think I like the shape of the ears... and the tusks are a new addition as well.

Day 242: Balloon Lion Hat

I didn't realize till I was doing my final check before the show started that I had forgotten to give the lion teeth. 

Here are all the hats bundled together so I could carry them to the stage. 

Day 243: Balloon Bug

I haven't been asked for any balloon insects in a while.. I had honestly forgotten how to make most of them. This girl asked for a spider... I completely forgot to give it the mandibles in the front.
I feel like this looks more like an ant than a spider.

Day 244: Balloon Baseball Player

This was a baseball player made on a busy night. I didn't have the time to make the more complicated design, so I modified the simple figure shape and drew on a face instead of making my normal balloon person face.
The boy tried to grimace just like the drawing for the picture.

Day 245: Balloon Body Builder

I'm going to be teaching some beginning balloon classes at a local health club, and I've begun getting people aware of it by dropping off balloons and placing them around the club to grab peoples attention.

Ok. Done.
I've got the posts for the next couple days scheduled already, so things should get back on track rather quickly.

I'd like to ask you again to swing by the other blog I started. It's found at this link

I'm trying to do an experiment with Google Image, and I'd love as much help as I can get.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Wow! I love all your hats! One idea that came into my mind while looking at all of them:
    Maybe you could try to use 350s for some of them. I think, the duck would look great with 350s!

  2. Yes. I agree with you both.
    I think I was just a little lazy with these builds. I drove to West Virginia from North East Ohio for this show and was a little drained from the trip... but that's no excuse.
    I'll be doing a similar show next month, and I'll have improved versions of all the hats by then.

  3. So I decided to look at the pictures and not the words and post you my first thoughts.

    I can't really see the cat.
    Mouse needs whiskers other than that its good.
    Dog is great as is the mosquito I knew exactly what it was meant to be.
    If it wasn't for the tongue i might have guessed the frog was a lizard.
    I thought the pig was a cow.
    The scorpion looks more like a crab to me but i think it's the colour choice.
    Love the dress :)
    Hopefully my feedback helps somewhat.