Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 224-229: So Many Updates!

I'm playing catch up again... Summer has be busy, but I haven't been getting that many requests for new things at my restaurants. This means I'll have to find time to make some designs on my own at home to keep up with the daily posts.

Day 224: Frog with a Fly

You've seen the new frog design, and I've been getting a lot or requests for a fly on the tongue when I make the frog. I am now working on a fly design. You can't see it that well in this picture, but I used two halves of a clear round to make the wings and tried to make a segmented body.

Day 225:  Balloon Mouse
Remember how I said I was trying to work on making my designs out of the larger balloons? Well... This is a small one. I will try a mouse out of the 360's soon though, I think it will work out just fine.

For some reason it looks like the left leg popped in the picture. Both legs are there, it's just the angle of the picture.

Day 226: Balloon Rocking Horse

I haven't been asked for a rocking horse in years. I don't think I've made on it at least 4 years... I wonder why I haven't gotten a request for one in so long.

Since I couldn't really remember the old design, I decided to make one up from scratch. I admit that I needed to pay more attention to the rocker part... it's not curved at all.

Day 227: Angry Birds Level 1-1

I know this isn't the first level of the game, but I had fun building a fake Angry Birds level.

I've made the birds before, but I wanted to try making one of the pigs... then after I made the pig I had to build one of the houses... Then I had to throw up a slingshot and put a scene together.

Day 228: First Big Balloon Car

I'm proud of my minions. They have been working hard to improve their skills. One of my minions consulted with me on a special request they had for a birthday party they booked. They were asked for a balloon version of the General Lee from Dukes of Hazard. I sent them a quick version of a balloon car for them to use as reference (Very quick and sloppy, not worth posting here) and this is the final product they came up with.  For someone that has been twisting for less than a year, I think this is a great job of coming up with an original design.

Day 229: Bumble Bee Bouquet

I found this one while digging around on my external hard drive while I was backing up my laptop.

I had forgotten this delivery entirely

Next update will be a fun one.
Remember when I tried to get a balloon version of Brian Brushwood to show up on the Google image search a few months back?
I'm going to have some help getting that to happen with a new Balloon Brian Brushwood.
I'll have some more details and a request for help from those of you willing to lend a hand tomorrow.

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